Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the Turkey hunt April 30-May 1. Terry Jackson returned again & brought me for the first time. Sorry about getting you soaked in the rain. (Thought I was hunting Ducks again). We both enjoyed the Turkey Hunt, especially your "Run & Gun" techniques!!! Also, thank you for putting us up in your guest house. The accommodations were spic and span, and we felt at home!! What fun to ambush two turkeys with you!! Can't wait to come again in the next year. Here's hoping you have a successful season, good crops (no hail) and dry roads for those backwoods areas we couldn't reach this time!!! I really enjoyed the hunt and please know we appreciate your efforts on our behalf. I've seldom hunted with anyone who works that hard to get us birds other than Terry and me hunting together.

Many thanks for a great time!!

Jim McConnell
Ballwin, MO

June, 2009

High Plains Hunting