"For anyone wanting to have a heck of an experience hunting pheasants in Kansas, I can't think of a better way to do it than with Dan Pletcher of High Plains Hunting.

I've hunted pheasants in Kansas off-and-on for the last ten years - mostly WIHA land with an occasional invitation to hunt private land, and I think I/we have found a goldmine of a pheasant hunting opportunity.

Dan has just about every pheasant honeyhole-type of cover that you can imagine. Milo, corn, cane, alfalfa, CRP, plum thickets, winter wheat, and wooded creek bottoms; all of it cultivated/cut to provide the absolute best hunting I've seen.

Gobs of birds. Lots of birds. Hundreds of birds. More pheasants than I've ever seen. Every one of the darned things as wild as can be, and the only reason I missed so many was so my hunting partner wouldn't feel bad about his abysmal shooting.

We were treated to a great hunt: a host that puts a lot of effort into getting every member of the hunting party a limit of roosters, and a hot lunch every day.

If you want to have a lot of fun and enjoy the overall experience of hunting with some great people, give the Pletcher's a call.

Dan also has a two bedroom house in town that I would recommend, it's more relaxing to be in a house for 5 days than a hotel.

Location: Osborne, Kansas (Osborne county is just south of the Nebraska border). From the intersections of I-70 and Hwy 281, take Hwy 281 north to Osborne."

Cyrus Reynolds

December 02, 2005

High Plains Hunting